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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Bloopers Can Add to Family Christmas Stories

No matter how well we plan, most of us have some loose ends to tie up Christmas Eve day, just before going to church or having the family gather at our home. The present that was ordered early and then delayed remains in question. Will it arrive in time? The fruit tray reserved at the grocery store. Will it be there when we arrive to pick it up?

Probably more worrisome for caregivers is how their aging loved ones will make it through the family events. Will Dad be sleepy from his medications or agitated from all from all of the excitement? Will Mom’s touchy stomach allow her to eat her favorite foods or will you spend the evening wondering if you need to make her a nutritional shake to drink while everyone else eats?  Will Aunty throw a tantrum over the fact that no one made white chocolate fudge this year and, well, Christmas isn’t Christmas without white chocolate fudge?

Read more about how "bloopers" can actually make Christmas more fun:

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