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Alzheimer’s Disease Doesn’t Just Affect the Aged

Receiving an Alzheimer's diagnosis at the age of 75 can be a crushing blow. Imagine, then, what it would be like to receive such a diagnosis when you are 35, 40 or 45-years-old? You're at your prime in many ways because you've got experience in your work, yet are nowhere near retirement. You have children, maybe yet in grade school. You've got a mortgage, car payments and plans to travel when your kids are older. You're on a roll - until you realize that you are forgetting things. Important things. Eventually, you see a doctor and the diagnosis is early on-set Alzheimer's disease. 

A USA Today story titled Dementia's youngest victims often defy stereotypes, focuses on a  49-year-old nurse who found herself forgetting to pick up her grandchildren, forgetting plans she had with her husband and making mistakes at work. She thought it was stress.

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