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How Involved Should Family Be In Your Elder's Senior Living?

...The nursing home staff would occasionally confide in me about families who "took over" the nursing home. The families came on like they owned the facility and their loved one was the only person who mattered. They cornered every staff member they could find and talked to them either with the attitude of a good neighbor who had all the time in the world, or as an adversary who needed constant monitoring. Neither attitude is good.

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We have some wonderful assisted living facilities in my community. Of course, not everyone is happy with living in them. But most, after they have gotten to know people, are really very happy with the feeling of safety and the social life that is offered by their new home.

I'm glad your grandmother had such a good experience.

I read the comments from others and I feel bad that some had a negative experience with an assisted living facility. We had my grandmother in one we found at an I am so grateful they took such great care of her while she was there. Their tender mercies will always be remembered by our family.

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