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Choosing Type of Senior Living

Convincing Aging Parent to Consider Assisted Living

I believe that part of the problem with convincing elders, and many younger people for that matter, is that people haven't been inside a modern assisted living center. Deep inside their gut, they harbor the outdated image of an "old folk's home." They consider a move from the family home one more step away from independence and one step closer toward death. They think a move to assisted living signifies to the world that they now have the proverbial "one foot on a banana peel and one foot in the grave." This image and mindset is stubborn.

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I'm sorry for your sad experience. Sometimes we have no choice but to make them move to a safer environment. It takes time to adjust, but it sounds like your grandmother has adjusted to some point. It's a very difficult issue, as you've found out.

It's really hard to convince them. My grandmother had a nervous breakdown when we moved her to a center and not telling her. It was really sad. But she is living there now.

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