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Moving Parents: The Right Help Can Be Invaluable

Such is the nature of emotional moving. Each of my loved one's last moves was to a nursing home, where there was limited space for furniture. Many of their personal belongings were stored at my house so I could change out their seasonal items and have as many familiar objects around them as possible. Read more →

When It's Time To Call Hospice

Home » Elder Care » End of Life & Hospice » Articles » Why Caregivers Shouldn't Feel Guilty About… Share 18 Print Email Why Caregivers Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Calling Hospice By Carol Bradley Bursack Text Size: - + A billboard in my city carries a simple message: "Most families say, "Why did we wait so long to call hospice?" When I talk with our local hospice folks, they say that is the message they hear most often. Yet, I understand why people do wait. Calling in hospice for the care of an elderly parent or other a loved one means you need to come to terms, on all levels, with the idea that this person is dying. The person who is dying needs to come to terms with this issue as well, however, from my experience, it's the family who is most reluctant to accept a diagnosis that the disease is terminal. Accepting that our own or a loved one's life is limited to a few months, weeks or days is gut-wrenching. However, when we do get to the stage where we accept that nothing more can be done to extend their lives, or at least extend their lives without any quality of life, we are finally in a position to help. Calling Hospice Means Taking Action We can stop wringing our hands and feeling helpless and we can decide that we will do whatever we can to help our loved one have some quality of life for whatever time he or she has left. Read more →

Choosing Type of Senior Living

Companion care may even be enough. This is someone who is paid to keep an elder company. Be careful who you hire, however, since seniors are vulnerable. A good place to find senior companions, and it's often free, is to call your local Retired Senior Volunteer Program, known as RSVP. Read more →

Convincing Aging Parent to Consider Assisted Living

Okay, you are convinced. You know that you can't keep providing the constant oversight for your parent that has been taking over your life, and by extension, taking over the lives of your spouse and children. How do you go about convincing your parent that it's time think about moving to assisted living? Read more →

Selling Dad’s House Difficult Topic

Dear Carol: My dad is 86. He has moderate dementia progressing to the later stages and lives in a memory unit of a good assisted living facility near me. Although Dad’s been here nearly a year, he still owns his home 250 miles away. The home sits empty, even though we have people mowing the lawn and shoveling snow Read more →

How to Prepare Family for Grandparents Moving In

How you would prepare for an elder to move into your home would depend somewhat on the age of the children, if any are still living at home. Also, it would depend on the elder's health. Should the kids expect that Grandma is in charge when Mom and Dad aren't home, or should they be taught that they will be in the role of caregiver? There's a big difference and this needs to be discussed with the family ahead of time. Read more →

A Picnic for Your Elders: Use Your Imagination

At other times, I’d gather my loved ones together and settled them in to visit one another while I ran out to their favorite Mexican food restaurant for takeout, or, in the dead of winter, I’d pick up a barbeque chicken, potato salad and beans from the local deli and bring a picnic to them. Read more →