Coping With a Controlling Elderly Parent
Siblings Who Refuse to Help with Parent Care

Neighbor Concerned About Possible Elder Abuse

Dear Carol: I have a neighbor who cares for her mother in her home along with two teenagers. She also works part time and her husband travels, so I think she’s under a lot of strain. Her mother has Alzheimer’s disease, so my neighbor has an in-home care agency come in for a few hours a day while she works. My concern is that I hear her mother wailing for long periods of time. It’s not quite a scream, but the sound is disturbing. I hear this wailing when the other caregivers are there, too, so I don’t think someone is causing the mother harm, but it would be terrible if I didn’t report any kind of abuse. I’d hate to get my neighbor into trouble, but I don’t want to ignore someone who needs help. - Ginny

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