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Has Caregiving Completely Changed Your Life?

Most caregivers go into caregiving mode with full hearts and wonderful intentions. They rarely stop to think, "Hmm, this could go on for years. I'd better plan it out. If I move to part-time at work, have more child care and spend mornings caring for my parents' needs, it will be difficult, but possible. If I continue to work full time, I'll have more for retirement, but I can't do it all. I have to plan this out." Read more →

When People With Alzheimer's Don't Recognize Their Loved Ones

The pain of walking into a room and having one's spouse or parent not recognize us can tear some people apart. Sometimes, adult children especially, will say to me, why visit them? Why go through the pain of sitting there, when they don't even know me? Read more →

The Best Father's Day Gift is Attention

I've heard elders say that one thing they like about their assisted living experience or nursing home life is that many of the aides listen to their stories with genuine interest – the same stories their children and grandchildren may have grown tired of. These hands-on caregivers are hearing the stories for the first time, which can make them a good audience. Read more →

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

It’s natural to think that abuse is physical, and often it is. However, elder abuse can also be emotional or financial. Telling people they are worthless is abuse. Not providing good care for an elder because the family wants to protect what they view as their inheritance is abuse. Withholding food or medication is abuse. It goes without saying that hitting, pinching or other physical aggression is abuse. Read more →

Caregivers Still Struggle for Respect

Caregivers would like to have people understand that with or without outside employment, caregiving is a job. As a person who has worked in a variety of paid positions, I can say that no job for which I’ve received a regular paycheck has ever compared in intensity or hours to my years of caregiving. There were times when going to my officially recognized job was a vacation from caregiving, except that the worry of caregiving never eases. Read more →