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Mom’s Losing Interest in Life

Mom resists wearing her dentures or letting me comb her hair to help her look nice. When I turn on the TV, she’ll tolerate it but doesn’t seem to care what’s on. Her doctor tried an antidepressant but that seemed to make her worse. I’m happy to take care of her but I want her to have a better life. - Maryanne Read more →

Caregiving Eventually a Team Effort

As Joe's caregiver, I expressed my gratitude to Julie, then went next door to Joe's house and spent a fair amount of time scolding him. He knew I'd give him a ride wherever he wanted to go, and he could afford a taxi when he chose to be independent. Joe responded with his characteristic shrug. He stubbornly ignored my advice. Read more →

End-of-life Talks Difficult But Necessary

Few of us like to consider the fact that our parents will die. However they will. Nothing will change that fact. Good medical care, solid healthful habits, a pleasant social life – all of these may extend our years, but in the end, we will die. Read more →

Ears, Eye and Dental Health Checkups Difficult with Dementia

Hearing tests are a similar issue to eye tests. How is a person who doesn't understand directions supposed to figure out a way to respond to hearing tests? I know there are some eye and hearing tests used for infants, but this is not a route suggested to me by any doctors. Read more →

How Adult Day Care Can Help You and Your Loved One

...During the routine of day to day life, it's easy to forget the need for peer socialization for both the caregiver and the care receiver. Once the caregiver finds a good adult day care center, these issues can be addressed. Both caregiver and care receiver can gain from the services of a good day care center. Read more →

Elders Hiding Dementia Symptoms from Their Doctor

The doctor asks if they are taking their medications as directed. The answer, of course, is “yes.” Do they drink much alcohol? The answer is “only an occasional beer or glass of wine after supper.” Have they noticed that they are running into problems balancing the checkbook or forgetting appointments? “No, no problems there.” Read more →