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Damage Control After Caregiver Stress Causes a Blowup

Realize that you are under stress and that you are tired of having people tell you how to be a good caregiver when they don't know how much you must do, and how frustrating and exhausting your days are. However, this reprieve is only temporary. Read more →

When Joy is Lost Value Contentment

Dear Carol: I’ve always gotten along with my mom and as she’s aged I’ve tried my best to make her life happy. It used to be that when I did something special or fun for her she smiled and even hugged me. Her appreciation showed in her eyes. Now it seems that even when she says thank you in response to something I do, there’s no real happiness in her face. Read more →

Adult Day Care Beneficial to Caregiver and Care Receiver

Variable terminology aside, adult day services can be extremely helpful. When an elder is in the earlier stages of Alzheimer's, probably able to live at home with some care, but at risk for wandering or leaving a stove turned on if left alone for long periods, day services can be a life saver, literally. Read more →

Driving and Dementia: The Dilemma

There was no use in my pointing out that at this time he had trouble even using a walker and he couldn’t see well enough to dial a telephone. He was sure he could drive and that was that. Those were heartbreaking times which we just had to weather until we could get him re-focused on some other issue. Read more →

Hospice Care Delivers Comfort and Serenity

Hospices do vary in quality and services provided. I’ve heard from many readers who’ve had loved ones under hospice care. Only rarely would I find that some of them didn’t receive the wonderful care that my family members did. Funding, training, staff and even the attitude of administrators can make a difference. However, the vast majority of hospice patients and families that I hear from are deeply grateful for their hospice caregivers and have nothing but rave reviews for the service. Read more →

Poor Sleep May Contribute to Alzheimer's

It’s well documented that poor sleep is bad for our health and can be at the root of heart health issues, weight gain and increased sensitivity to stress. With newer studies showing that our Alzheimer’s risk is increased by recurrent poor quality sleep, logic would tell us that getting help with our caregiving obligations, whether paid or volunteer, may help with sleep and mitigate against AD, as well. Read more →