Diabetes Drug May Reverse Alzheimer’s Memory Loss
Administration on Aging Provides Assistance for Caregivers

Respecting Differences in Caregiving Important

Short of neglect or abuse of the care receiver, nearly every family caregiver must be free to make choices that work best for their unique situation. Even then, the available choices aren't always ideal. You simply have to try and acknowledge what it really means to just do your best.

Read about differing approaches to unique caregiving situations:

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I'm sorry you had problems, but sometimes we have to do what we know is best even when others, who may not have all of the facts, disagree. I hope things work out well.

Thank you for this article. I went through a similar situation where after caring fir my father, I had to eventually place him in a nursing home. Toughest decision of my life, and many people shunned us afterward.

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