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Alzheimer's As It Relates to Real Life: Fade to Blank Engrossing Tale

"Fade to Blank: Life Inside Alzheimer's," is a multifaceted production that begins with personal stories of three people diagnosed with the disease. After absorbing these stories, readers can continue on to discover how the couples met and married as well as the effect the disease has on the family. Learn about diagnosis, adjusting to taking care of someone who once took care of you, the financial toll on families and much, much more.

This truly is a team effort: Graphic designer Maria Breston lent her visual acumen to the layout. Developer Matthew Coyne erected the digital framework. Community moderator Melissa Roman made sure the voice of the family caregiver was heard. Marketing director Christina Hardy coordinated awareness and outreach efforts. Editor in chief Anne-Marie Botek collected the individual accounts and composed the narrative. President of Joe Buckheit charted the course for creating a pioneering addition to the Alzheimer’s rhetoric.

The production will keep you turning pages as you focus on the humanity of the people affected by this disease. Bookmark Fade to Blank and you’ll return again and again to absorb full scale of this amazing project.

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