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Bringing Back Memories Isn't Only About Nostalgia

I bought dad a bandleader’s baton so that he could “direct” the music on the CDs. When he was in an “awake mood,” or if he was agitated, often turning on Lawrence Welk’s versions of big band music, or a re-mastered recording via CD of Benny Goodman playing swing music improved his spirits, if only temporarily. Depending on his mood, Dad would direct the band or drum away on his lap. I even got him a small keyboard, though that experiment wasn’t too successful. Read more →

Oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream during chewing and while brushing and flossing. Dental procedures can also release the bacteria which may then travel to the brain. The researchers think the bacteria found in the brain can trigger immune system responses and pathological changes which could lead to brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Read more →

Guilt In Not Meeting Dad's Dying Wishes

Dear Carol: My dad was paralyzed from a series of strokes. Additionally, during the last months of his life, he was on a ventilator and struggled with kidney and liver problems. Dad said he was sick of treatments and that he wanted to die. We were in the process of setting up hospice care to keep him comfortable when he had an emergency that Mom and I couldn’t deal with so we called 9-1-1. Read more →

Protein Produced During Exercise May Prevent Alzheimer's

Scientists have long accepted that endurance exercise can often improve cognitive function, especially in older people. While there is significant work ahead to develop a stable form of irisin that could be developed into a drug and then tested on humans, Read more →

Tips On Helping Parents Downsize for Move to Assisted Living

Don't make it harder on your parents by getting sentimental about your old basketball jersey that's still in their closet. You need to either take home your own reminders of the past or get rid of them. Do your best to cope with any existing grief of your own when you are away from your parent. Read more →

Chronic Inflammation Links to Alzheimer's

The study said that the effect was made much stronger if there is a repeat of this challenge to the immune system during adulthood. According to the article, “Mice which had their genes modified to produce a human form of the Alzheimer’s-associated brain protein amyloid-beta demonstrated the most notable reaction.” Read more →

Remembering the Positive Moments of Caregiving

I’m choosing to consciously remember those moments. I hope you’ll take this idea and use it for your own. Make a list of moments that made you happy to be caring for a person you love or even a person you care for professionally. Remembering those moments can swing your attitude from negative to positive. Keeping a list may come in handy when that sweet attitude starts to sour. Here’s my own short list. Read more →

Alzheimer's As It Relates to Real Life: Fade to Blank Engrossing Tale

The production will keep you turning pages as you learn about the humanity of the people affected by this disease. Bookmark Fade to Blank and you’ll return again and again to absorb full scale of this amazing project. Read more →

Coping with Criticism from the Person You Care For

I’d spoiled my elders by being with them every day no matter how much outside help they had. With full-time employment mixed in, I still visited almost every day and attended to every request. However, from my elders' perspective, my nearly exclusive attention from my pre-employment years was missed and noted. Read more →