Educating Grandchildren and Their Friends About Alzheimer’s and Dementia
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Have a Realistic Holiday Experience as a Caregiver

...Few of us can measure up to the fantasy - caregivers least of all. There's so much denial of today's reality in these images resurrected each holiday and thrown at us by every means, from advertisements to blockbuster movies. These images feed expectations that are impossible to meet. The "average" family is vastly different than the average family of yore. Today's families are often a patchwork of children, step-children, step-in-laws, step-siblings and elders of varying degrees of relationship and health. Add to that the fact that people marry later and often have children at an older age, and you've got a package that often includes young children, teenagers, young adults,  forty-something caregivers, a parent who's had a stroke or two, and maybe one with dementia.

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