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DEAR CAROL: My mom has middle stage Alzheimer’s and I find that I often treat her like a misbehaving child. That’s not my intention. I respect her as my mother. But I have to say “no” to her when she insists she can drive the car and when she wants to buy expensive things she sees on TV ads or in catalogues. We even argue about what she wears. She says I’m bossy. I seem to be doing something wrong. How do people cope with this? - Ginny

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Excellent advice, Chris.

There is no right or wrong way. Use what works. Remember you are her protector and common sense now. I was fortunate in that my Mom never questioned me or acted out. But I also felt like I wss being bossy or treating her like a child. Everytime you start to think you're not the best person in the world remember what you are doing for her that not that many children do. In fact (trust me on this) are the best person you know :-) hang in there!

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