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Alzheimer’s Association’s TrialMatch One Route to Finding Clinical Trials

It’s through clinical trials that researchers prove or disprove their study results. Through these trials, they hope to discover new ways to detect, treat and prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia. People with Alzheimer's, caregivers and healthy volunteers are all needed as participants in Alzheimer's and dementia research. Read more →

Choosing an Adult Day Care Center That's Right for Your Parent

Adult day care is one of the newest and least known ways of providing peer interaction and activities for elders and others who need daily care, while also providing time for the primary caregiver to work or have time with friends. Adult day care centers are widely varied in the services they offer and should be considered by those looking for care options. Read more →

Professional and Family Caregivers Share Many of the Same Traits

As he lay dying, Holly would stop by his room every chance she could. She stood by his deathbed with me, tears streaking her face. Holly, the professional, went forward with her day as she provided loving care for her group of elders, but her eyes revealed the unfiltered toll that repeatedly losing people she had grown to care about took on her heart. Read more →

...eating a high-fat sugary diet, even for a short time, robs the brain of a chemical called apolipoprotein E (ApoE). When present, ApoE bonds with the toxic form of beta-amyloid that can build up and form the gummy plaques in the brain and then clears the beta-amyloid away. It's commonly thought that these beta-amyloid caused plaques in the brain indicate the presence of Alzheimer’s disease. Read more →

Distant Family Criticizes Local Sister's Caregiving

Dear Carol: I live in the same community as my mother who is nearly 90. She’s in a local nursing home and I visit her several times a week. She has some memory issues and severe arthritis, but she’s quite content. My sister and brother will come from several hundred miles away for Christmas and stay in a motel, though we’ll spend Christmas Day with Mom in the nursing home. Afterward, my siblings will come to my house and begin their yearly campaign to place guilt on me for not taking mom into my home. Read more →

Caregiving: Time Management for the Holidays

The holidays are a very busy time, especially for caregivers. But with so many traditions in place and tasks to complete, it’s hard to know where to bend without losing what people love about this time of year. “Choose only the most important yet feasible traditions, then adjust them as you would a seasoning,” says Carol Bradley Bursack, an author, consultant and speaker on caregiving issues. Here are a few ways to manage your time during the holidays: Read more →

Making Your Way Thorough the Holidays as a Caregiver

Prior to your dad's stroke and your mom's dementia, the busy season described above would be a "normal" Christmas for you and your family – rushed but still mostly pleasant. You still would have had the emotional reserves to enjoy the cuteness of your son's solo in his program, and the humor and time to write individual notes in your cards to friends. Read more →

Caregiver Regret: If I'd Only Known Then What I Know Now

We can decide not to be bothered by criticism from the outside. The problem is, we often aren't aware that we are judging ourselves even more harshly than outsiders may judge us. This is particularly true in retrospect. We look back and beat ourselves up for slips, real or imagined, because we were novices and didn't know what we know now. Read more →

Helping Children Understand Changes in Grandparents

Children can be frightened by the changes in the grandparent who was once gentle and loving, but could now have become cranky and occasionally downright mean and abusive. How we, as parents, handle the changes in our own parents can affect how well our children handle the changes. But each child is different and each set of circumstances is different. So where to you start when it's time to explain? Read more →