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Choosing a Care Facility? Listen To Your Gut

This is not to say everyone will always be jolly. Nursing home staff work very hard and must cope with frustrating and heartbreaking situations on a daily basis. Still, you’ll get a general feel if there is some sort of fellowship among those hard at work. Read more →

Exercise Could Slow Physical Decline in Alzheimer's

One year later, the physical abilities of all elders had deteriorated but the decline was slower in the groups that exercised. The very best results were found in the group that exercised at home. Since elders are at risk for falling, the study also watched for results on numbers of falls. Read more →

Hiring Private Caregivers Requires Caution

Dear Carol: Both of my parents are in frail health with my dad being the worst. He’s had two heart attacks and is at risk for a third. We’ve been using in-home caregivers, but a friend’s niece is a Certified Nursing Assistant and would like some private work. We’ve met the niece several times and like her so my wife and I are considering this option. The caregiver could live with my parents. My wife is afraid that we may have legal issues if we hire the CNA privately, but I don’t see a big problem. How do people arrange for privately hired caregivers? - Lawrence Read more →

Going Public with an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

He said, “Do they know what happened to me?” As he said this, he pointed out at people passing the doorway of his room in a nursing home. I said, “Yes, Dad, they do.” He quickly slid back into his foggy state of an altered reality, but I knew then that I would tell his story. He wanted people to know why he acted the way he did. Read more →

Option of Hospice Care Freeing for Many

With each of my parents, once they were on the program the hospice staff melded seamlessly with the nursing home staff. Hospice care freed my parents from their all consuming pain, allowing them to focus on living their lives during the time they had left. Read more →

10 Tips to Ease Alzheimer’s Sundowning

Since some people who suffer from sundowning feel anxious about something they feel that they must accomplish, having gone out to ADC can help them feel satisfied - as though they’ve come home from work. At home, involving your elder in household activities, such as folding clothes or easy cooking, can offer some of the same satisfaction Read more →

Dementia Caregivers Grief Soul Deep, Defies Labeling

The other term used for people who care for those who suffer from long illnesses, especially dementia, is anticipatory grief. Anticipatory grief is often described as the grief we feel in advance of an expected loss. With dementia, that “expected loss,” can be the knowledge that death will be the end result of the illness. Read more →