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Pain and Dementia: Observing Body Language Important When People Can’t Articulate Pain

I rushed to the nurse who was in charge of his floor at the nursing home. She explained they had called the doctor, but the doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong. The Physician's Assistant would visit Dad that day, on her rounds. Meanwhile, I was sickened by his agony and my inability to help him. I tried my best to comfort him, but felt powerless. Read more →

Can Middle Aged Caregivers be at Risk for Eating Disorders?

Caregivers, generally in their mid-40s and upward in age, often feel as though they are on the proverbial gerbil wheel, never catching up to all of the demands on their time. They have children who need them. They have a job. They have the pressures of society to look thin and fit, and now they have their parents or spouse to care for. Read more →

Enjoying a Picnic With Your Loved One In a Care Facility

All were available during the annual barbeque picnic at the nursing home where my parents, my uncle and my mother-in-law lived at different times. While people also enjoyed the monthly birthday dinners and holiday festivities hosted by the nursing home, the summer barbeque was one of the most anticipated events of the year. Read more →

Sharing Meals With Loved Ones As Dementia Takes Its Toll

Since I had three elders living in the same nursing home, each with a different birthday month, I had the opportunity to attend three different birthday parties. The nursing home invited family members and friends to these parties, however I was, for various reasons, the only family member able to attend most of these parties, other than the other elders living at the nursing home. Read more →