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Well Spouse Association Has Unique Caregiver Focus

Certainly there is much information that is valuable to adult children caregivers, as well as spousal caregivers, and even caregivers of adult children. Resources for respite care are needed by all. Many techniques, such as validation and re-direction with a person who has Alzheimer’s disease are helpful to spouses as well as adult children. Read more →

"Hidden" Financial Costs When We Quit Our Jobs to Become Caregivers

While I certainly was aware that I wouldn’t get any Social Security or retirement benefits for the years outside the traditional workforce, I also knew that our family didn’t have the money to pay agencies to do what I did for my loved ones. Read more →

Sex and the Elderly: Affirming or Scary?

And that, of course, is the issue. With people living longer in assisted living and nursing homes, more romances among elders are blossoming. Just what does the home allow these folks to do? How intimate can they get without getting into trouble with administration and families? What are their rights as adults? Read more →

Long-term Caregiving May Shorten Life Up To Eight Years

Not surprisingly, the caregivers also differed dramatically with the control group on psychological surveys intended to measure depression which is often a sign of stress. According to Glaser, symptoms of depression in caregivers were twice as severe as those among the control group. Read more →

Transition to Nursing Home Can be Difficult

Dear Carol: My dad’s been in a wheelchair since suffering from a stroke years ago. Mom took care of him at home with a lot of help. After she died, Dad suffered a second stroke. He lived with my family for six months until a room at an excellent, nearby nursing home opened up two weeks ago. Read more →

Unearned Guilt Intrinsic to Most Caregiving

While some reasons caregivers feel guilty are unique to their situation, many are commonly shared in caregiving. Below, I’ve listed four causes of unearned guilt that most caregivers share, along with some ideas that I hope will help you look at your situation more realistically: Read more →

Small Things Important to Aging Mom

Dear Readers: Like most of us, I grew up hearing that it’s the little things that count. I’m becoming increasingly aware of the truth in the old adage. As I look back this Mother’s Day on my mom’s last year of life, I remember how important the smallest things became to her as time went by. Read more →