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Should People in Their 80s Get Married?

Dear Carol: My mom has been in a nursing home for several years because of kidney problems and severe arthritis. She was widowed more than 15 years ago and has never dated since my dad’s death. Now, at age 81, she and a widower at the nursing home say that they want to get married! I don’t know what to do. I thought Mom was doing well with her thinking but now I wonder if she’s running into some judgment problems. Why would she do this at such an advanced age? Can the family stop her? - Carolyn Read more →

Refreshing Our Caregiving Routines is Healthy

Admittedly it's hard to listen to people you once admired for their wisdom make bizarre statements, so your reflex reaction is to correct them. Also, you may feel that "lying" to your parent or spouse is wrong. You may even feel that agreeing with them when they are wrong is condescending. Read more →

Satisfy Elder's Sweet Cravings with Healthy Smoothie

If your elder has problems chewing, swallowing or digesting foods, it's natural for him or her to choose a soft sweet, such as a cupcake, over tougher foods, like meat. Dentures and tooth pain are both common reasons for problems with swallowing or chewing in seniors. Read more →

A4 Study: Testing Solanezumab before Alzheimer’s Symptoms Appear

The current study is compared to clearing away cholesterol to ward off heart disease, only in this case the researchers hope to clear away excess amyloid plaque that many scientists think may be the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s. Clearing away amyloid plaque is the function of solanezumab. Read more →

Making Tough Decisions While Caregiving

Having a foundation of respect for the vulnerable person we are caring for will mean that even if we have to stop Dad from climbing on the roof to fix the shingles, or Mom from ordering yet again from the shopping channel, we can approach these uncomfortable duties in a kinder manner. Read more →

Cameras in Nursing Homes: Yes or No?

What could be negative about this extra security step? Invasion of privacy. Many of us have been in hospital situations where it seems there's no privacy at all. Not just physical privacy but emotional privacy. For most of us, those stays are blessedly short. For people in nursing homes lack of privacy is already, by necessity, a way of life. Read more →

How to Apologize After Blowing Up from Stress

Immediately, you recognize that your nasty response is way out of proportion to your friend's comment. She's been there for you, even though when caregiving starts, friends often scatter.The person you are really angry at is your sister who repeatedly criticizes your caregiving ability. The problem is that words, once uttered, can't be withdrawn. Read more →

When Aging Related Issues Make Driving Unsafe

During the last year he’s had three small car accidents. He’s never been a stubborn person but when it comes to driving he refuses to let me take over. I’m afraid that he’ll get in a bad accident and hurt not only himself but other people. How do I convince him that he has to stop? Read more →

Can Caregiving Change Your Personality?

To handle these (and hundreds of other issues while caring for your parents) and not slip into an overtly "parental" mode yourself can be difficult for anyone. However, for this super-efficient personality, the challenge can be nearly overwhelming. Read more →