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Mind Over Stigma: Now’s the Time to Vote for Your Favorite Anti-stigma Entry

Vote for your favorite entry in the HealthCentral #LiveBold anti-stigma contest now. Vote for people with mental illness, arthritis, psoriasis, MS, migraines and many other diseases who have done their best to live life with purpose. Read more →

Helping Elders Transition to Senior Living

Start by understanding that while your parent or parents move to assisted living may seem very positive to you since you see the fresh start, the handy, nutritious meals and the social activities as positive motivations, this move represents significant loss for your parents. Even if they are leaving an older, deteriorating home for a sparkling new assisted living facility, they are leaving behind a good deal of their past. Read more →

Remembering Positive Caregiving Moments Make Difficult Times Tolerable

I’m choosing to consciously remember those moments. I hope you’ll take this idea and use it for your own. Make a list of moments that made you happy to be caring for a person you love or even a person you care for professionally. Remembering those moments can swing your attitude from negative to positive. Keeping a list may come in handy when that sweet attitude starts to sour. Here’s my own short list. Read more →

11 Ideas to Help Downsize Before a Move to Senior Living

Don't make it harder on your parents by getting sentimental about your old basketball jersey that's still in their closet. You need to either take home your own reminders of the past or get rid of them. Do your best to cope with any existing grief of your own when you are away from your parent. Read more →

Where Words Fail Music Speaks

Who doesn’t know someone – or a lot of people – who informally use music for therapy? A friend of mine has a plaque on his kitchen wall near where his daughter who has severe disabilities often sits to use her switch activated devices and toys. The plaque is homey and simple but the words are powerful. It reads: Where Words Fail Music Speaks. Read more →

Exploring the Impact of Caregiving on Family Social Environment

Laurel Maik is a doctoral student conducting a research study titled, "Caring for Alzheimer's Disease: The Caregiver Role and its Impact on Family Social Environment." Since her study has been approved by the national Alzheimer's Association's TrialMatch and is posted on their site, I agreed to help her spread the word. Laurel offers all Alzheimer's caregivers a chance to help move the research forward. Please consider helping her. Carol Read more →

Helping Elders Socialize When Stress Overwhelms Them

Dear Carol: My mother doesn’t like going out of the house. She’s got mid-stage dementia, so I think that the typical fear and confusion from the disease are the cause of the problem. I try to take her out for lunch or for church occasions that she would have enjoyed in the past, but now she becomes anxious as soon as we arrive and wants to go home. Read more →

Care Needs Can Change In An Instant

One of the most exhausting parts of being a caregiver, from my point of view, is that there's always the threat of an emergency that we are responsible to handle. We are literally on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if our elders don't live in our own household. Read more →