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Will Your Advanced Health Directive Help You In An Emergency?

That’s why your responsibility doesn’t end after you’ve had the document drawn up. You not only have to make these documents available to physicians treating you, but for your family, as well. Read more →

Senior Citizens Often Still Caring for Elderly Parents

Dear Carol: I’m an only living child, age 62, and my parents are both in their 90s. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep up with my parents’ needs even though they are in assisted living. They not only want me to take them to all of their medical appointments, which I want to do, they also want me to attend every event at the facility. Read more →

Third Protein May be Catalyst for Alzheimer's Disease

A looming question, however, is that the same type of plaques and tangles are also frequently found in the autopsied brains of people without Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. The Mayo Clinic has been conducting research hoping to finding out why this is the case. Now, it looks as though they may have found the answer. Read more →

Caffeine May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

Several studies have shown that coffee offers protective benefits to our health with its high antioxidant rating. Now, another study has shored up the evidence that our morning cup of coffee is not just another beverage. Coffee may help protect the brain from Alzheimer’s. Read more →

Exercise Could Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Recent Study Shows

Based on the presence or absence APOE-e4 allele, which is considered to be the genetic marker for younger onset Alzheimer’s disease, the groups were classified both for low or high Alzheimer's risk and for low or high physical activity levels. Read more →

Alzheimer's Buddy Program Unique Blend of Bonding and Education

The students and their "buddies" go on outings and participate in various activities during the academic year. Each doctor-patient duo also attends monthly group meetings and educational seminars about Alzheimer's care. Read more →

CMS Increases Goal to Reduce Use of Antipsychotics in Long-term Care

Good nursing homes ended this practice long ago. Some did so on their own as they become enlightened by the nursing home culture change movement. Others did so because they were pushed into it by action Read more →

Some Caregivers Criticize Rather Than Support Each Other

Dear Carol: My parents are together in a wonderful nursing home close to where I live. I visit most days after work, spend a lot of time there on weekends and use my vacation hours for their medical appointments. I’m also on call for emergencies. I’m not married, so I can’t quit my job. Read more →

Is Over-medication a Problem In Your Loved One's Nursing Home?

The flip side of my story comes from a friend of mine whose dad was living in another nursing home in our town. This home also had a very good reputation, though I'd heard a few more grumbles from people about over-medicating. My friend felt his dad was being over-medicated with an antipsychotics, even though the father was in a special dementia wing where they should have been able to handle his symptoms. Read more →