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Photo Albums and Memory Books Helpful When Visiting Elders

Many people are reluctant to visit elders, whether they are in their homes or a facility, mainly because they wonder what they’ll talk about. While this reluctance is more of a worry if the elder has memory problems from dementia, it’s often a problem even when memory isn’t an issue. Since elders by definition have many decades of life to their credit, they will likely enjoy looking back on the past.

Read more on HealthCentral about memory books and photo albums as an aid for reminiscence: 

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I've seen wonderful responses to picture boxes or any type of memory box. It's the memories that matter and any stimulation can help.

Great idea! Picture boxes are awesome too! We make sure our event photos are either hung in room or placed in a memory box so family and friends who work during the day or unable to make events- can see the quality involvements of loved ones. Magical!

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