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Mood, cognitive ability improve in people with dementia after cataract surgery

Education about Hospice Mission Important

Dear Carol: My dad, age 86, was in assisted living for three years and doing well until six months. He developed a urinary tract infection and then pneumonia so he was hospitalized. During his hospitalization, they found signs of lung cancer that had spread to other organs. I was advised to call on hospice since the doctor was convinced that Dad couldn’t take surgery and since the cancer had spread, it wouldn’t help anyway. 

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Infections of the urinary tract can be easily treated as long as you go to a doctor, instead of letting the problem continue. It is possible if you catch the infection soon enough that you can treat it with medicines that you buy over the counter and by drinking plenty of water. However, if the condition is severe, your doctor will want to prescribe antibiotics for up to two weeks.

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