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Mood, cognitive ability improve in people with dementia after cataract surgery

Before his surgery, Dad’s sight was poor at best. The fact that he also had cataracts was known, but after the brain surgery threw him into severe dementia, his cataracts became a minor problem. Or so the doctors thought. Read more →

Education about Hospice Mission Important

Dear Carol: My dad, age 86, was in assisted living for three years and doing well until six months. He developed a urinary tract infection and then pneumonia so he was hospitalized. During his hospitalization, they found signs of lung cancer that had spread to other organs. I was advised to call on hospice since the doctor was convinced that Dad couldn’t take surgery and since the cancer had spread, it wouldn’t help anyway. Read more →

Managing Chronic Pain When People Have Dementia

I knew his pain was acute and extreme by his body language and vocalizations, even though he couldn't articulate exactly what was wrong. Dad generally had the ability to communicate, though his dementia often skewed the information he was trying to share. Read more →

Caregiving: A Fresh Look At How We Provide Care Can Offer Ideas for Change

Sadly, new beginnings for caregivers are far easier to suggest than to accomplish, especially since fresh beginnings generally come after significant endings. Yet—with some effort—caregivers can still find some small ways to refresh their lives, if they are willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Read more →

"Still Alice" Should Help Public Understand Devastation of Alzheimer's

While I’ve been reading and occasionally reviewing books on Alzheimer’s for over a decade, the idea that film producers will gamble huge money so that major stars can bring alive roles featuring Alzheimer’s is still a little startling - yet thrilling. Read more →

6 Tips to Help Financial Drain on Alzheimer’s Families

Don’t try to travel this journey simply by relying on family and friends. You will need their support and help – there’s no question about that. However, when it comes to finances, you’ll do well to make use of all of the special resources and experience that you can find. Read more →

Oral Health Care Important for Seniors

Dear Carol: I have two related questions. My dad’s a healthy 73-year-old who wears dentures. He keeps them clean but wants to sleep in them. It makes me kind of nervous but he says it’s fine. Is he right? My second question is about my mother-in-law who is 86 and has only nubs remaining for teeth. She’s got dementia and isn’t cooperative. Her husband says just rinsing her mouth is that all he can accomplish. How do people cope with this problem? – Jeremy Read more →

Brighten the New Year as a Caregiver with Music and Color

Even though many people with dementia can no longer form new memories they can still feel pleasure in the moment. Since researchers have shown that music and color are two areas of life that continue to affect mood and cognitive activity long into dementia, they are key approaches used by many therapists. Read more →