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Arts Improve Life Quality for Stroke Survivors and People with Alzheimer’s

...Theater has also been used as a type of therapy for people with Alzheimer’s disease. NPR reported on an outreach program at the Lookingglass Theater in Chicago that offers people with Alzheimer’s the chance to take part in improv theater. With this type of theater, people are able to live in the moment, which is natural to someone with Alzheimer’s. There was no struggle to remember the past or determine what to do in the future. According to the article, most of the participants leave the theater with a refreshed feeling of accomplishment. 

Read more on HealthCentral about how the arts help improve quality of life:

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A very convenient method that makes their lives a little better.
Use creative methods such as painting and theater are giving a posive results, along with medical treatments we open a window of hope.

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