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9 Surprising Ways Gut Bacteria Affect Health

It’s not sexy but it’s real. Many scientists are now looking at the gut as a primary source of many diseases that plague humankind. Probiotics, the prebiotics that they feed upon in the gut, as well as changes in our diet are being studied as possible methods of preventing or curing major diseases. Read more →

How Often Should You Visit Loved One In a Facility?

Dear Carol: My dad had a stroke and needs 24/7 nursing care so he’s on a list for a local nursing home. I’m impressed by what I’ve seen at the facility and it has a good reputation. My instinct is to visit Dad as often as I can after he is admitted but my sister says we should stay away and let the staff get him settled. What is your opinion about visiting people who are moving into a facility? – Steph Read more →

Alzheimer’s Can Dramatically Change Financial Future

When I think of the financial effects of the disease, I think of a woman I met a couple of years ago when I was speaking to a group of caregivers. For her and her husband’s privacy, I’ll call the couple Linda and Jim. Read more →

Virtual Dementia Sensitivity Training Program Receives Patent

It’s been several years since I experienced this sensitivity training, however the memory is deeply etched into my brain. My experience is documented in a HealthCentral two part series titled Dementia Boot Camp: Training To Be a Caregiver Part I and Dementia Boot Camp: Training To Be a Caregiver Part II. Read more →

Valentine's Day: When a Loved One Can't Understand

...The only problem was, neither of them was capable of choosing a card or arranging for flowers to be delivered. And Dad couldn't even understand what the celebration was about. How do we celebrate special occasions when one or more of the people involved can't participate? Do we follow through, or do we pretend the special day doesn't exist? Read more →

Mom Opposes Move to Assisted Living

Dear Carol: My mother’s dementia is in the middle stages. She’s had in-home health care but her memory is getting so bad that sometimes she won’t let the caregivers in. Also, she forgets to turn off the stove and other appliances. My uncle, who is her brother, and I have talked to her about assisted living but she says she fine where she is and doesn’t want to move. Read more →