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With any of the diets, the results are better if followed over a long period of time however we have to start where we are. If we work to eat healthier for our hearts and our brains, we really can’t lose Read more →

Caregivers Need Outside Interests For Balance

Dear Carol: I’m wondering if other male caregivers feel like they’ve lost their sense identity. My wife has multiple sclerosis which has worsened during the time I’ve been retired. I love her very much and am happy to provide care for her. I take part in a spousal support group, but I still feel like all I do is take care of her needs. Read more →

Immediately, you recognize that your nasty response is way out of proportion to your friend's comment. She's been there for you, even though when caregiving starts, friends often scatter.The person you are really angry at is your sister who repeatedly criticizes your caregiving ability. The problem is that words, once uttered, can't be withdrawn. Read more →

Embracing Positive Moments In Caregiving to Make Hard Times Tolerable

I’m choosing to consciously remember those moments. I hope you’ll take this idea and use it for your own. Make a list of moments that made you happy to be caring for a person you love or even a person you care for professionally. Remembering those moments can swing your attitude from negative to positive. Read more →

Aging in Place or Assisted Living: It’s About Choices

A tale of two elders: Years ago, I became the primary caregiver for an elderly neighbor, Joe, who was 100 percent deaf and was losing his eyesight. Joe’s only son lived across the country. Read more →

Caregivers Often Face Tough Choices

Dear Carol: My husband has short-term memory loss that indicates an early stage of Alzheimer’s. He’s retired and gets along quite well on his own with just some reminders around the house. Our children live around the country and one of our daughters is fighting melanoma. Even though her husband is supportive, I’d like to be with her during her first round of chemotherapy. Read more →