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Mental Decline More Than Doubles for Elders After Hospital Stay

Non-drug Approach to Alzheimer’s Management Recommended

Scientists from University of Michigan Medical School and Johns Hopkins University have concluded that drugs like antipsychotics and antidepressants are not good options for people with dementia. They favor, instead, hand-ons, non-drug approaches that caregivers can use to cope with behavioral issues that often occur in people with dementia.

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There are different studies that have been conducted about this Alzheimer's disease, still Doctors are prescribing different medications for it but with this new study, hope they will comply.

Another research was done sometimes ago as stated in this YouTube video too:, and the Dr. who gave the lecture stated that Doctors are to be held accountable for contributing to the cause.

If medications are not treating the cause but cause more problems, while not taking another route to treat this disease?

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