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Unlike the general population where it’s difficult to know who is at risk for Alzheimer’s disease, all people with Down syndrome are at risk, so this is one group of people that can absolutely benefit from a drug that could prevent Alzheimer’s disease at an early age. Read more →

Since mild hearing loss is considered part of normal aging it's rarely treated until the loss is at a later stage. However, now that hearing loss is known to affect our risk of developing dementia, this casual approach needs to be reconsidered. Read more →

At the same time, we struggle with mixed emotions about the release from suffering that their death will bring. You may wonder why you secretly want your elderly parent to die, while knowing how deeply you will miss their presence in your life once they are gone. Read more →

After ten years in severe dementia brought on by a reaction to surgery, my dad died in my arms. Was it painful to lose him? Of course. Yet, his passing was one of the most intensely beautiful moments of my life. Read more →

Dear Carol: My dad is dying of esophageal cancer at the age of 67. Mom died 16 years ago, so it has been just Dad and me for a long time. We’re very close and I am afraid for him to die. We’ve never been religious. I don’t know where to turn or what to tell him to make his passing easier. Can you offer any encouragement? Jess Read more →

I've learned many valuable lessons as I've attended the deaths of loved ones. It's hard to place a value on any of them. However, one that I'll keep close to my heart is the value of the spoken word, even as a person in a coma nears death. Read more →

David ends his story with, “Now, I guess, I’m no longer a part of the sandwich generation. I’m the top slice of bread. I think you appreciate life more and take a longer view of things when you get in that position...” Read more →

Also, many people are distrustful of hired caregivers, either because of horror stories spread through decades or because they've had a friend who has had a bad experience. Together, these feelings can make the idea of the parents moving into the adult children's home seem like the best solution for all involved. Read more →