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When we think of Alzheimer’s symptoms we think of memory loss, yet this is not necessarily the case with younger on-set Alzheimer's. Younger on-set Alzheimer’s may present symptoms such as poor judgement and skewed thinking patterns before memory loss becomes evident. Read more →

The moment is frozen in time for me when, just hours after I left his house, my phone rang. It was the dispatch center telling me that Joe had punched the help button and wasn't answering his phone. I immediately ran across the yard and pushed through the door. Joe was lying on the floor, with one leg at an unnatural angle. In agony, he just said "help me." Read more →

Dear Carol: My loving aunt raised me after my mother died. She’s only 61 but she’s developed Alzheimer’s, the type that they call younger onset. She’s in a nursing home and I visit several times a week but she often doesn’t know me. Sometimes she’s just staring off into space. Read more →

Most people are aware that transition to facility care may be hard on elders but many don’t realize that it can be hard on caregivers, too. We’ve tried our best but our best is no longer enough. Irrational as it may seem to others, at this stage we may feel like we’ve failed. Read more →

Naturally, adult children of a couple such as the one described above would expect the surviving parent to go through the grief process and need a lot of comfort and care for awhile. However, more often than many would expect, that comfort and care morphs into long-term care needs. Read more →

Have you ever looked for something you are sure you left in a particular spot and found it missing? Most of us have. Sometimes, we even wonder if someone in the family moved the object, since we are so sure we left it in that spot. Later, we find the missing object, and then remember when we moved it. Read more →

Napping, too, can be a problem for people with Alzheimer’s. When a person has Alzheimer’s, particularly in the later stages, he or she is likely to drift off at any time. Since logic no longer works, trying to explain that too much daytime sleep will make for a harder night is useless. Read more →

I'm humbled to be chosen for the award, but also aware that we all share in this as a group. Thank you Healthline for promoting the growth of Alzheimer's awareness through presenting this award. Read more →

Art, music and theater help promote human dignity and improve quality of life. Having witnessed the success of small programs using this type of therapy, dedicated people have set up organizations and foundations to promote this approach to Alzheimer's care more widely. Read more →