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Increasingly, studies are showing that the arts, whether music, theater or hands-on fine arts stimulate creative energies for people with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Many find that once liberated from the inhibitions of the mind that were there prior to the disease, the ability to create is somehow freed. Read more →

Dear Carol: After Mom died seven years ago Dad adjusted as well as could be expected. However, over the last three years he’s been sliding into dementia. He’s confused about people, which is our biggest problem for now. When Dad sees my 22-year-old daughter he thinks that she is my mother back when my parents were young. His overly affectionate welcomes are clearly sexual in nature and it makes us all deeply uncomfortable. Read more →

Shadowing is terribly sad on two fronts. It is an outward expression of the fear that the person with Alzheimer’s is suffering from and it’s smothering for the caregiver who finds it difficult to have a moment alone. /alzheimers/c/62/167651/shadowing-alzheimer-anxiety#sthash.mqpbl0kq.dpuf Read more →

Although there’s a long way to go before Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia are well understood, studies have shown that keeping the body and brain active throughout life may at least delay dementia symptoms. Happily, staying active is not all work. Hobbies can be healthy. Read more →

I didn't know the family well enough to ask if or how the husband had been told of his wife's death, but he was in such a late stage that most people would say he'd never understand it anyway. Yet, while the medical staff didn't pick up any changes in his health after his wife's death, he died within a week. Read more →

He says that considering her age, treating it could be harmful to her and it’s not guaranteed to cure her. He actually said that the treatment itself could kill her. I think it’s just that they don’t want to spend money on old people. Read more →

nstead of paid family leave, or any family leave during the early years of caregiving, I had to quit my full-time paid employment and work part time at whatever I could find. Hence, years of very little Social Security accumulation reside in my record. Read more →