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The Many Faces of Dementia: Understanding the Symptoms

NoiseyBirdsDementia is not a single disease. It’s a non-specific syndrome that affects cognitive areas of the brain that control memory, language, attention and problem solving. To be considered dementia, the problems must be severe enough to affect daily living. Because Alzheimer’s is responsible for 50 to 60 percent of dementia cases, it’s the most broadly recognized form. However, there are up to 50 different known versions of dementia.

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Hi Pauline,
Yes, you are allowed! I've often said that the last ten years of my dad's life were like a living hell. Not that he didn't have good times, (he had a different type of dementia, as well), but he would never have chosen for an ending like that.
My heart is with you,

Hi, in my opinion, this is not a disease, it's an unnatural living hell. Just when you hit the "golden" years, wham. I've decided someone gave it the name "golden years" to prevent mass end of life. Hey I'm having a down day. I'm allowed.

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