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Dear Carol: My mom survived cancer in her mid-years, but since developing dementia she’s also had to battle three rounds of pneumonia. It seems that each illness she’s survived has diminished her. She’s now in late stage Alzheimer’s and when I look at her sitting in a chair but not knowing anyone or even understanding what is happening when she is washed, fed and comforted, all I can think of is why can’t she die. Read more →

People with dementia, especially advanced dementia, often have a difficult time articulating pain. Sometimes they may not be cognitively aware that pain is the source of their distress. Read more →

Since mild hearing loss is considered part of normal aging it's rarely treated until the loss is at a later stage. However, now that hearing loss is known to affect our risk of developing dementia, this casual approach needs to be reconsidered. Read more →

When my dad’s brain surgery backfired leaving him with dementia I was left struggling pretty much on my own. Much of what is now known about dementia wasn’t understood at the time. However, as a daughter, I - like many caregivers –discovered through trial and error what worked to improve Dad’s quality of life. Read more →

Every field has its jargon, and many of the terms are acronyms for frequently used phrases. In the business of providing care, the phrase “activities of daily living” is used often, and there’s a good reason for this. Read more →

Dear Carol: Both of my parents have had significant health issues during the last few years. Lately things have been good. They live in their own home and I check on them daily. My problem is that I constantly feel like the other shoe is going to drop. Read more →