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Dear Carol: My mom survived cancer in her mid-years, but since developing dementia she’s also had to battle three rounds of pneumonia. It seems that each illness she’s survived has diminished her. She’s now in late stage Alzheimer’s and when I look at her sitting in a chair but not knowing anyone or even understanding what is happening when she is washed, fed and comforted, all I can think of is why can’t she die. I feel terrible about this. I read about people who would give anything to have their parents back no matter what shape they are in. How do I cope with my emotions?  - SMB

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I agree, Tami. Sometimes we have more compassion for animals than we do for people.

what do we do when a favorite pet is injured and in so much pain they cannot cope or be helped?........ I do not think that your thoughts are evil - they are thoughts of compassion and not wanting to see your loved one in pain and suffering.

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