Elders’ Need To Control Part of Coping With Loss
Brighten the New Year as a Caregiver with Music and Color

A Fresh New Year is Approaching: Smudge It Early and You’ll Save Some Stress

ARTOne of the many things caregivers have in common guilt. Generally, it's unearned guilt. We haven't done enough. We could do something better. We are imperfect caregivers. So? We are human. There isn't a person on earth who can guess another person's needs and respond exactly right every time. 

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Global Alzheimer’s Study Now Enrolling

Purchase Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories – paperback or ebook

“I hold onto your book as a life preserver and am reading it slowly on purpose...I don't want it to end.”  Craig William Dayton, Film Composer


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