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Elders’ Need To Control Part of Coping With Loss

FamilyDear Carol: I try to be understanding with my aging parents but sometimes the little things get to me. They are still in their condominium. They go to church, watch TV, and see friends occasionally. My sister and I stop in at least twice a week, on different days. When I’m there, my mother wants me to do the laundry, which I’m happy to do, but I have to do everything the way she always has. My sister does some light cleaning and my mother supervises every move. Dad has clocks everywhere and he and mom both wear watches. If a battery dies on his watch, Dad is upset until we replace it. Really upset. A new watch won’t work either, so we have to keep this one going. I know that these are little things, but can’t they loosen up a little? We’re trying to help, but they micromanage everything. Michelle

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