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There isn't a person on earth who can guess another person's needs and respond exactly right every time. If you add physical ailments and mental issues such as Alzheimer's or other dementias to our messy lives, well, our best intentions will often be at least slightly off the mark. Read more →

Dear Carol: I try to be understanding with my aging parents but sometimes the little things get to me. They are still in their condominium. They go to church, watch TV, and see friends occasionally. My sister and I stop in at least twice a week, on different days. When I’m there, my mother wants me to do the laundry, which I’m happy to do, but I have to do everything the way she always has. My sister does some light cleaning and my mother supervises every move. Read more →

Most seniors, like the rest of the population, don’t abuse alcohol. They’ve gone through their adult lives with an occasional social drink or a glass of wine with dinner. However, life events can cause a senior extra stress that for some may lead to self-medicating through alcohol. Read more →

Few people, however, would receive a health diagnosis as frightening as Alzheimer’s disease without having to grieve deeply what has been lost, as well as all that will be lost in the future as the disease progresses. Therefore, acknowledging the stages of grief as you go through them can be helpful. Read more →

The decisions caregivers of elderly loved ones must make during the Christmas holidays are fraught with opportunities to make mistakes in judgment. Chief among them is how much to include a loved one who has dementia in the festivities. Will the Christmas tree bring Mom happy memories of past Christmas pleasures or will it remind her of the Christmas tree fire in her home when she was a five year old child? Read more →

Dear Carol: My parents have been married for over 50 years. Mom has moderate to advanced dementia and moved to a memory care unit three months ago. Dad was her primary caregiver until he couldn’t handle her needs anymore so this is very hard on him. We’ll have the family Christmas gathering at my home and Dad thinks he should bring Mom here for dinner. Read more →