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You take into consideration adult day care and assisted living. However, your parents tell you that they want you to care for them. They don't want "strangers." You want to please them, and also want to feel that assurance that you are doing your best for them. Read more →

Sex and death. It's odd that those two topics should bring so much anxiety to parents and children. But, there you have it. One – sex – is about the beginning of life. The other – death – is about the end. Both are a part of the lifecycle, but if anything, sex is easier for many to discuss than death. Read more →

They take good care of her, but it seems as if more could be done for her pain. Her stomach is sensitive so all she takes is Tylenol. Mom has always been brave about her pain and she doesn’t complain but I can only imagine how bad it is because I’ve seen her X-rays. Read more →

Fridays at the nursing home were very popular. Regular music groups would come by at the week’s end to play old favorites for the residents, always filling the room with cheer. My dad, who had dementia caused by failed surgery, loved the live music Read more →

f we could control events, most of us would never want our elders to be so sick that they need the care of a nursing home, especially homes that are still operating in the dark ages, as some of them still are. Read more →