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Treating Pain in Elderly a Careful Balance

FriendlyOlderWomanDear Carol: My mother is 87-years-old and lives with terrible arthritis pain. She had one hip replacement at age 75, but it’s too risky to do more surgery now. When she uses her walker every step is agony. Mom recently moved from assisted living to a wonderful nursing home because she needs a wheelchair fairly often and she has developed some other health problems. They take good care of her, but it seems as if more could be done for her pain. Her stomach is sensitive so all she takes is Tylenol. Mom has always been brave about her pain and she doesn’t complain but I can only imagine how bad it is. I’ve seen her X-rays. She has virtually no cartilage in her knees or hip. Her hands and feet are swollen and twisted. How can I help? Katherine

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