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Dear Carol: My dad is only 62 but I’m worried that he may have dementia. He’s had depression during much of his life, but what scares me now is that he’s gotten paranoid. He twists memories of things that did happen until the story is unrecognizable and he talks about things in the past that never occurred. The latest is some kind of conspiracy about his past work. Since he was a teacher, there isn’t much controversy involved, but still, as he now sees it, he was a target of some sort of witch hunt. Read more →

It’s not hard to understand why 60-year-olds would say that they want to remain in their home for life rather than move to assisted living or a nursing home. These are generally people who are relatively healthy and feel that they can hire help for whatever they need down the road. Read more →

it still doesn’t hurt to ask how each individual would like to be addressed, particularly in a caregiving situation such as assisted living or a nursing home. Read more →

Chronic inflammation is involved in many autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, allergies and even some cancers. Mounting evidence is now showing that chronic inflammation is also likely part of the Alzheimer’s puzzle. Read more →

Dear Carol: With reluctance, I’m looking for a good nursing home for my wife who has had multiple sclerosis for decades. I’ve cared for her all along but my own body is breaking down. I’ve checked Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare and that’s helpful. Read more →

As a daughter who cared for her dad for ten years after he was thrown into dementia, I’m perhaps overly cautious when it comes to surgery for elders. I don’t, however, think that I’m out of line in advising people to think carefully before undergoing surgery. Read more →

Be mindful of any patterns of behaviors relative to specific physical environments, times of day, medications administered and other routine occurrences than may provide insight into the cause of the person’s distress. Read more →