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Meanwhile, since developing a drug to combat the damaging effects of stress could be years off, we must realistically do what is possible now to mitigate excessive stress. Read more →

To me, forgiving one another for being flawed human beings is an important key to a reasonably serene life. However, this mutual understanding is not always easy to come by. Read more →

Even caregivers who have loved ones outside of their homes can have problems since they are still on call day and night for frequent emergencies. However, it’s the Alzheimer’s caregivers who have the hardest time since Alzheimer’s disease can cause severe sleep disruption. Read more →

Mom really is remarkable and she wants to stay in her own home but my brother and I worry about her. How do I get her to accept more help or to move to a place where she’ll at least have people available in an emergency? I live about a half hour away. Stuart Read more →

Residents and their families would gather on the patio, or find chairs under the trees out on the lawn. The able bodied served those with more limited abilities. For years, the grill chef was the husband of one resident. Read more →