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Her mind is still good. She assigned me Power Of Attorney years ago for both finances and health care, but we haven’t discussed in depth what she would want done now if one of her health problems worsens. I’m afraid that if I bring up the issue she’ll think that I’m expecting her to die any day! How do I begin? Mel Read more →

indings published in the journal Psychotherapy of the American Psychological Association show that a new treatment based on emphasizing spiritual, cultural and family support markedly reduces caregiver burden, shame and guilt. Read more →

Additionally, you may want to talk with your loved one’s doctor about the advisability of supplementing your elder’s diet with extra folic acid. Never add the supplement without medical guidance as it could interact with other drugs. Read more →

Many times comfort means taking away medications rather than adding to them. I’ve known elders who have returned to better physical and mental health after the withdrawal of several medications that were no longer needed. Read more →

As caregivers, we find that sleep disorders can be very trying for ourselves and downright heartbreaking when it affects our aging loved ones, many of whom are cognitively impaired. Read more →

After studying active and sedentary people, the researchers found that exercise was associated with larger gray matter volume in frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes, as well as the hippocampus, thalamus, and basal ganglia. Read more →

Dear Carol: My dad is 79 and has suffered from aggressive prostate cancer for several years. What could be done has been done, so far, but the cancer has now spread to his liver and bones. We want Dad to have chemotherapy but his doctor says that he’s not a candidate for this treatment. Dad says he doesn’t want to go through it anyway. I think that they are just giving up. Shouldn’t the doctor be encouraging Dad to fight the disease? I thought that doctors were supposed to do everything to save lives. I think if the doctor insisted, Dad would agree. What can we do so that Dad gets all of the treatment possible? FMC Read more →