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My dad, who had dementia caused by failed surgery, loved the live music but also responded well to CDs of his favorites from the big band era. I know that his quality of life during his last ten years would have been diminished without music to help override the effects of dementia. Read more →

For over a year, a good friend of mine called me regularly to talk about her mother’s diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease, asking me what the family should be doing to cope. I asked her if her mother was seeing a neurologist. Read more →

Why are some elders subject to returning home from a hospitalization cognitively worse? Experts are studying this problem with varying results, but many agree that there are conditions at play which can result in an elderly person suffering cognitive decline after a hospitalization. Read more →

Dear Carol: My husband and I are both in our late seventies. There have been a few times when my husband has left the stove top burner on and sometimes he leaves water running after he leaves a room. Maybe it’s more because of distraction than forgetfulness, since I know that I’ve done similar things, but how do we tell? Read more →

Several of these issues affected my mother. She had always been a wonderful cook and enjoyed healthy meals. However, after my dad’s failed surgery left him unable to live at home with Mom, her enthusiasm for cooking, and even eating, diminished. Read more →