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5 Examples of How Forgiveness Can Improve a Caregiver's Life

ForgivenessForgiveness, or the lack thereof, can loom large in the life of a caregiver. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. That is rule number one for people to remember when they are working toward crafting better relationships with family members and others whom they care about. Forgiveness can have enormous benefits for the health of the person who does the forgiving. Considering that negative thinking can be disastrous to your own health , you may want to work toward the positive habit of forgiveness. Here are some people that you may need to forgive along with reasons why you should.

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Hi Deborah,
Thanks for the comment and the suggestion. This woman sounds remarkable.

Great post and very insightful. It really reminded me of a book I recently read called “9 Realities Of Caring For An Elderly Parent” by Stefania Shaffer(http://stefaniashaffer.com/). The book is a personalized look at what the author had to go through when moving in with her estranged mother during her final years and all the problems she faced and the best way to remedy them. Here is a woman who hadn't even spoken to her mother in years but when the time came to take action she was there looking after her (forgiving her). It makes one re-consider petty family argument and leaves a strong, positive example of how to unite, or re-unite family, despite improbable odds and conditions. She covers organizing doctor visits and keeping on top of medication; financial planning; nutrition; physical therapy; and even family dynamics during such a trying time.. This book covers everything in a really moving and inspiring way. I can't recommend it enough. Thanks again!

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