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How to Be a Friend to a Family Caregiver

FriendsCaregivers often find that many of their superficial friends drift away over time because the caregiver is too busy to have fun. These friends are not bad people. They simply don't know what to do to help the caregiver and they find it easier to share their time with people whose lives are less complicated. Are you this kind of friend?

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Beautifully said, Alice.

I'm finding it a joy and an honor to care for my dying 92 year old WWII veteran father. He has been so lonely since Mom died 3 1/2 years ago. Three months ago I was able to offer to care for him in my home rather than the lonely assisted care facility he lived in. One never knows how your life will be disrupted by caring for an elder parent in your home. The decision to take this on has not only been a challenge, but a delight as well for me. In the past 4 weeks he has declined quickly and is now on hospice care. I only wish I had moved him into my home sooner. I would never judge anyone's decision to move a loved one into a home, nor would I discourage being a care giver.
Find your own path and be true to yourself AND your loved ones.

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