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Gene Therapy Delivered by Modified Virus Provides Hope for Alzheimer's Cure Prior to Symptoms

BRain15We can’t keep these facts buried. Dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is the leading variety, is a family disease in that it affects family dynamics, family income, and family health. It turns couples into care partners. It turns adult children into caregivers for their parents often during the time that they also are caregivers for their young children, which has created the term “sandwich generation.” In continuing efforts to find a genetic route to cure Alzheimer’s, the findings of one study could revolutionize the numbers given above. This study involves a treatment that delivers a modified virus to a gene in the brain that could wipe out the damage being done by developing Alzheimer’s before any symptoms occur.

Read full article on HealthCentral about this genetic road to curing AD:

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I think so, too, Grace. More and more is being discovered about how to target those who are at risk long before symptoms. If this therapy works - and it looks very promising - just think of the difference this would make.
Thanks for checking in!

This is an exciting new development!

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