Christmas Is Here: Our Best Is Good Enough
Caregivers: Are You Enjoying Christmas Day?

Christmas Is Season of Love Not Perfection

ChristmasPinesDear Readers: Christmas is here so, regardless of your level of preparation, remember that this is supposed to be the season of love, not perfection. If you're not ready in the way you would prefer to be, that's fine. Enjoy what you've done and forget about the rest. Letting go of your expectation of perfection can go a long way toward making this a nice holiday. Acceptance of what life is right now can be an enormous part of this process.  Caregivers, especially, may need to make changes in routines. You can’t be all things to all people, so the fact that Mom pulled off a Christmas to rival Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” doesn’t require you to continue with that tradition if it no longer makes sense. 

Read full article on Inforum about forgiving yourself for a less than perfect Christmas:

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