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Dear Carol: My dad is 85 and lives quite happily on his own. He has arthritis pain and has fallen at least twice, though he doesn’t tell me unless I notice a bruise or limp. He has always been healthy but stubborn and he likes his nighttime drinks. I don’t want to take away his drinks or anything else that he enjoys, but I worry. He has a doctor and grudgingly goes yearly for his checkup but Dad’s wily and the doctor is busy so his cholesterol prescription gets renewed and that’s about it. When I suggest to Dad that we go together for another visit to let the doctor know about his falls he gets furious. Since being stubborn is a lifetime personality trait, I can’t blame that on brain problems and his memory is better than mine. My wife tells me to visit often and let him live the way he wants to. What’s the best thing to do in situations like this? PM

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