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Caregiver Anxiety Can Bleed Over to Care Receiver

Stress_man_hand_238162If a caregiver is anxious because of job stress, he or she likely takes that anxiety home in some form and transfers some of it to the person they are caring for. This is not intentional, but even body language can transfer anxiety. The person being cared for picks up on the anxiety of the caregiver. His or her anxiety may stem from not knowing what is causing the person caring for them to be stressed, so they blame themselves. Or they may just absorb the feeling of generalized anxiety that radiates from the caregiver.

Read full article on Agingcare about how caregiver anxiety can bleed be contagious:

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Thanks, Beth. I try my best : )

Excellent article, Carol -- some good advice for both the caregiver and the receiver.
Thank you for your insight on a challenging situation, as always.


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