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June is Brain Awareness Month: Helping Caregivers Cope

WheelchairmanJune is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month. What better time to become educated about how to help people who have dementia live a better quality of life, help caregivers with support and resources, and teach others about the many types of dementia and other brain diseases? The National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA) was signed into law in 2011. Since that time, milestones have been identified to meet the plan’s biomedical research goals. But until recent years, the creation of similar milestones on patient care and caregiver support has lagged.  In 2014, the Alzheimer’s Association Workgroup published recommendations – including patient-care milestones – to augment the U.S. Government’s “National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Read more on HealthCentral about Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month and tips on how caregivers can grow:

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Thank you for your kind words! While brain health is a year-around issue, it's good to highlight it, along with all senior issues. The ultimate guide is respect.

Hi Carol,

Its so nice of you to think of our elders during this month.

Personally, my thoughts also rang in the same direction and I decided to dedicate the rest of the month writing articles and pieces of content that will actually make the work of caregivers way easier and importantly, enrich the lives of our beloved aged population.

Keep up the awesome work - issues like dementia (covered here) are still largely got wrong at all levels!

A. Terungwa

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